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winter sports information

West 2020-21 New Season Dates

2020-21 Winter Sports Season Start &End Dates
MMSD is currently conducting a Virtual Education Model. Winter sports season has been pushed back to Jan 25, the earliest possible return
Basketball-Boys (Jan 25 - Week of March 1*)
Basketball-Girls (Jan 25 - Week of Feb. 22*)
Gymnastics (Jan 25 - Week of Feb. 22*)
Hockey- Boys &Girls (Jan 25 - Week of Feb. 15*)
Swimming &Diving-Boys (Jan 25 - Week of Feb. 1*)
Wrestling (Jan 25 - Week of Feb. 15*)
2020-21 Alternate Fall Sports Season Start &End Dates
Cross Country-Boys &Girls (Monday, March 15 - Week of May 3*)
Football (Monday, March 8 - Week of May 3*) - Earliest first game is Wednesday, March 24
Golf-Girls (Monday, March 29 - Week of May 17*)
Soccer-Boys (Monday, March 22 - Week of May 10*)
Swimming &Diving-Girls (Monday, Feb. 15 - Week of April 5*)
Tennis-Girls (Monday, March 8 - Week of April 26*)
Volleyball - Boys & Girls (Monday, Feb. 22 - Week of April 12*)
2020-21 Spring Sports Season Start &End Dates
Baseball (Monday, April 19 - Week of June 28*)
Golf-Boys (Monday, April 19 - Week of June 14*)
Softball (Monday, April 19 - Week of June 28*)
Soccer-Girls (Monday, April 26 - Week of June 28*)
Tennis-Boys (Monday, May 3 - Week of June 21*)
Track &Field - Boys &Girls (Monday, April 19 - Week of June 28*)
The revised calendar emphasizes the Board’s position to accommodate all the sport seasons in 2020-21 with the knowledge a number of member schools having already determined interscholastic activities are not able to be conducted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Board also addressed a number of other rules and regulations to be modified or suspended in 2020-21 to provide flexibility to members and licensed officials during the pandemic.
* If tournament series are conducted, regional groupings will be implemented (four teams in football).
* All minimum number of contests requirement for tournament eligibility will be suspended in 2020-21.
*All tournament series seeding will be conducted virtually in 2020-21.
*All nonborder out-of-state competitions or practices are strongly discouraged.
* All multiple-team events from outside a host’s region is strongly discouraged.
* Co-op programs that include schools that are unable to participate in activities during 2020-21 may seek other co-op partners to provide opportunities for participation.
* With conference approval, schools whose conference has canceled sports in 2020-21 may seek schedule relief with other conferences as an independent without sanctions or going through the prescribed conference realignment process.
*For 2020-21, programs may schedule contests after they are eliminated from the WIAA tournament or culminating event respective sport’s revised season.
* Schools that were unable to conduct their five unrestricted coaching contact days during the 2020 summer may schedule those days during the 2020-21 calendar provided there is one week of no contact prior to the start of the respective season. However, during the closed-session meeting, the Board directed staff to have discussions on coaching contact during 2020-21 placed on the agenda of the September meeting.
* Licensed officials will not drop in classification in 2021-22 if they choose not to renew licensure or are unable to fill a varsity schedule. in 2020-21. 
The Board also determined student-athletes may compete in no more than two nonschool events with school approval during each regular sports season in 2020-21 only, which adopts the middle-level regulation. An “event” will be defined as a game or tournament.

MMSD athletics statement 10.19.20

Hello MMSD athletics community,

We continue to gather information and provide clarifications as information is made available to us, and we appreciate your commitment and passion for our students, and your programs, as we recognize this is not ideal or what we are used to.  We have the privilege and associated responsibility to be great partners with our community and implement safety protocols that will aid in resuming the in-person programming we all miss, and to keep our students, staff, and communities safe.

MMSD will implement the following additional extra curricular provisions for winter sports in support of the safe reopening of our schools and community:

 1) Virtual training activities may be shared for all students. This means individual training or workouts may be shared or scheduled on a virtual platform for synchronous training- such as stretching, flexibility, and warm-up routines, strength and speed training, conditioning, and mental preparation/sport psychology resources - so long as it follows WIAA Coaching Contact rules.

 2) MMSD athletic programs will not have in-person programming at this time: 

Here is the Big 8 statement regarding winter sports and clarifying that MMSD will not be offering winter sport in-person coaching during the virtual school model. We will continue to provide opportunities in whatever means are available based on our schooling model and public health guidance as well as WIAA guidance for winter sports .  General fitness, strength, mental health, academic, and social emotional connection supports will be offered by the athletic department throughout the year to all students.

3) At this time, MMSD athletics will not hold any winter athletics in person nor encourage students to gather or train together outside of school grounds through January 24th:

  • We hope to return to education-based athletic programs with additional guidance from local public health and to allow for the best opportunity to prepare for safe return to our facilities for all.

  • We will provide students with best practices and mental health support along with virtual training opportunities and connections to help facilitate when we are ready to return in-person athletics.

The district and your athletic programs will continue to provide resources for virtual platforms and best practices to assist in continuing the quality education-based athletic programs we offer. In addition, these resources will  prepare us for a full return to in-person operations when deemed safe and when we are able to meet the needs for appropriate cleanliness, hygiene, monitoring, and interaction to safely operate programming and activities.  Further details will come from your schools’ athletic departments related to virtual opportunities.  Additional information will be shared in an upcoming video presentation scheduled for November 4th on MMSDs YouTube Channel.

There will be many reactions to this decision and we want you to know that everything was considered and it came down to the fundamental tenet of education based athletics being an extension of the classroom and a vital component of the community and its connectivity.  Just as doctors may advocate differently for individual patients or medical approaches, we understand families and coaches will do the same for their athletes and programs. We recognize that public health experts will look at the entirety of the impact on the health of our community and our school athletic departments will follow that perspective of the greater good that is foundational to our mission.  We appreciate all of the work, guidance, and consideration that is being taken by public health, coaches, administrators, and student athletes to find ways to respond to these adversities and appreciate the patience and understanding as we find ways to stay connected and persevere through the pandemic.

We ask that you wear a mask, stay home as much as possible, be kind, stay connected, have empathy, support each other, and stay together when physically apart.

Be well and stay well,

Jeremy Schlitz, CAA

MMSD athletics

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